Home Security, a Game Changer?

 The United States Patent Office is on schedule to issue a new patent, Titled: INFRARED SECURITY SYSTEM AND METHOD, USPN 7,738,008, June 15, 2010, Author Gary Edward Ball, President of Infrared Applications Inc. (IAI).  IAI believes the ISSM patent will revolutionize Physical Security Systems.  And, in particular we envision an improvement to present day home security systems by expanding and augmenting their present coverage.

Improvements for Home Security  

Additional benefits to the Homeowner

 It has been recognized that it would be desirable if home security could be extended beyond the home perimeter.  Designers have tried different methods to extend the threat detection capability outside of the home.  The uncontrolled environment surrounding most homes has been a formable challenge to the designer.  It has been a losing battle until now.  False alarms and miss-identification have made “exterior” surveillance system unsuitable for home security applications unless a dedicated security operator is provided to interpret real time data.   This is not an affordable option for the average home owner.

The ISSM author recognized Physical Security Systems designers were trying to solve a three-dimensional problem using two-dimensional sensors.   Postulated assumptions coupled with an uncontrolled environmental produced false reading, leading to false alarms and missed IDs.  These failed initiatives earned Video Analytics a reputation for over promising and underperforming.

The ISSM patent uses multiple two dimensional sensors harmonized to form a three dimensional network defining all objects of interest in their actual physical size in their true physical grid location.  Calculations are performed at video frame rates with closed form equations requiring no assumptions beyond a clear unobstructed line of sight to the objects of interest.

ISSM is an analytical METHOD that is applicable to all sensors, (CCD cameras, MMW sensors, Infrared Cameras etc.).  The author of the patent asserts superior performance is obtained if Infrared Cameras are selected as the sensing device.  The “thermal emission” properties of each object are exploited by the METHOD using best-estimation correlation and information theory.   In all cases the proper sensor is a cost performance trade unique to the application.


Infrared Applications Inc. (IAI) envisions ISSM would be a valuable extension to present home security and could extend home security into new related areas of need.  In particular, ISSM provides an alert to the home owner to detect the approaching threat providing early guidance to either confront the threat (not recommended) or avoid the threat by retreating.  Of equal importance, this information is provided to first responders to assist in the understanding and the neutralizing of the threat.


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