HarmAlarm Configurations

The most basic form of HarmAlarm is shown:

Basic Configuration

IR Cameras are hardwired into the Desk Top CPU. The Desk Top Computer has a commercial wireless connection to a remote cell phone.  The Basic system has a significant benefit for “Green Applications” and a major effort will be made to advance this parallel opportunity.

Advanced Configuration:
The advanced configuration is as shown:
Advanced Configuration
The IR cameras communicate directly to a central computer using "cloud computing" time regristered data compression.  This configuration makes HarmAlarm a self-contained system.  This requires the IR cameras to have additional functions: GPS, Battery powered with Solar re-charging, Target data compression, and target still frame capture.  The wire-less link is bi-directional for command and control capability.

Advanced Configuration, High Value 24/7 Facilities:
This configuration must accommodate a scenario that has a mixture of targets.  These targets are:  Workers, Security Personnel, civilians (vendors), and unauthorized threats.  The command and control is locally based.  Communicates are required for workers (instructions to avoid threats) and Security Personnel , (real time threat alert, threat description and threat location).  Civilian targets have been prescreened and have received authorization to enter the facility with an RFID badge for identification and tracking.  The communication system is fully encrypted and secured.  The Security System provides hazard detection and notification for mechanical failures and accidents.  Detection of abnormal heat sources (a fire) is a typical example.

highvalue configuration

The 24/7 High Value Facility is the most demanding of the applications because the system must properly identify four different target forms and provide the proper response.  It is assumed the threat is sophisticated and encryption of both data links and command and control are essential.  Self-contained opperation of each IR camera is likewise provided.

Infrared Applications Inc. believes three configurations will meet most of our applications. The Basic is the first product to be launched aimed at Home and Small Factory applications.  The Advanced Configuration will  build upon lessons learned from the Basic and will follow at a time determined by future events.  The introduction of the High Value Configuration will be market driven.  The need for such a system may out weigh the economic market benefit accelerating its development.